The Ministerial Excellence Fund provides matching grants to qualifying pastors and full-time associate pastors in the United States who have completed the COMPASS Journey or the COMPASS Quest Personal Finances course. These matching grants are a cooperative effort between The COMPASS Initiative and local churches to reduce financial strain on pastors and to improve financial communication between the local church and its pastor. This requires honesty and transparency from the pastor in sharing his or her financial challenges with certain church leaders. It also requires sensitivity and creativity from the church leaders in providing a monetary grant to improve their pastor's financial situation.

Our goal is to reduce the financial strain experienced by a significant number of ministers thereby empowering them to lead effectively as they model and teach biblical stewardship. Therefore, The COMPASS Initiative will match a local church grant up to $5,000 for the COMPASS Journey, and up to $1,000 for the COMPASS Quest. The grant funds must be used for personal debt reduction or as a contribution to their own Fidelity 403(b) retirement account.

Student Debt Relief




In acknowledgment of the high cost of education and preparation for ministry, the grant allows pastors to pay down a portion of their educational debt.


Personal Debt Relief



The grant allows pastors to pay down other forms of debilitating personal debt such as consumer loans, medical bills, or outstanding credit card debt.

Retirement Readiness



The grant also allows pastors to make additional contributions to their Nazarene 403(b) Retirement Savings Plan accounts. This is in addition to the Nazarene Pensions & Benefits annual contribution which is based on the current P&B contribution formula.


Grants are available for pastors who have completed the COMPASS Journey or the COMPASS Quest Personal Finances course. Learn more about these programs and see if you qualify.