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District Coach

The District COMPASS Coach 

One of the keys to success for The COMPASS Initiative is the assistance of the district COMPASS coach. This coach is the district's resident expert on The COMPASS Initiative. He or she instructs the district ministers to explore the resources that have been compiled on the COMPASS Academy, and encourages them to utilize whichever ones fit their needs, as well as the needs of their church. The coach assists ministers who are applying for the COMPASS Journey and its subsequent grants, helping them navigate the process. He or she may also communicate with the local church’s leadership, educating them about this amazing opportunity to help their pastor receive a matching grant.

The following training videos will give the district COMPASS coach and/or the district superintendent a better understanding of The COMPASS Initiative, its programs and online resources, and the expectations for the district COMPASS coach.

Session 1: An Introduction to The COMPASS Initiative



The Need


Session 2: The COMPASS Initiative Programs and Website




True North Retreats

Ministerial Excellence Fund

Session 3: The District COMPASS Coach Responsibilities


Know the Website

Be an Advocate