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True North Retreat

A two-day, high impact, transformational retreat for the pastor (and spouse if married) for intensive training, inspiration, and practical skills in personal financial management.

Topics include:

  • Understanding Biblical Financial Management and Stewardship

  • Building a Financial Plan and Budget

  • Creating a Personal Debt Freedom Plan


Register for Your True North Retreat

Note: This registration form is the same as the Journey Application.

This practical hands-on retreat empowers ministers and their spouses to address their personal financial challenges through budgeting, debt management, and biblical financial stewardship. Ministers leave the retreat with a realistic financial plan and achievable goals for the future.


Upcoming Retreats in 2024-2025

Retreats in non-English languages are noted below. 

  • Lubbock, Texas-  Aug 9-10, 2024
  • Conway, Arkansas- January 10-11, 2025

Are you interested in attending a True North Retreat on another district, or scheduling a retreat on your own district?

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What to Expect

  • Ministers receive pre-retreat assignments that must be completed and brought to the retreat. This detailed information about their own finances is critical for their work during the retreat.
  • Ministers are expected to enter into the True North Retreat Covenant.
  • Ministers are placed in cohorts with fellow participants for accountability and support throughout the following year.

Retreat Staff and coaches:

Each individual will be treated with dignity and sensitivity, recognizing that sharing the reality of one’s financial situation can be a frightening and vulnerable thing to do.

The goal is to help ministers overcome any financial shame and to inspire and empower them to be free from financial bondage.


How to Host a TNR

Hosting a True North Retreat (TNR) on your district can be a life-changing event for your district ministers. Whether you choose the one-day intensive workshop, the two-day event, or the full weekend retreat, your ministers will carve time out of their busy schedules to invest in their own financial well-being. Taking control of personal finances and applying Biblical stewardship principles will bring greater financial stability to pastoral families and empower the minister to preach and teach about Biblical financial stewardship in the church.

All USA/Canada districts are encouraged to host a True North Retreat for their ministers and spouses. COMPASS Initiative staff are available to assist in the planning process and, in a limited capacity, to assist at the retreat.

The following is a list of materials that are available to help you host a True North Retreat on your district.

Leader's Guide: 

A step-by-step guide to planning and hosting a True North Retreat.

Participant Notebook: 

Downloadable pages, along with editable versions for the schedule and retreat personnel.

Sample Schedules: 

Suggested timelines for a one-day intensive workshop, a two-day event, and a full weekend retreat.

Cost Analysis: 

A spreadsheet of the types of expenses and the estimated costs associated with hosting a True North Retreat.

Communication Templates: 

Samples of letters, invitations, and instructions for use in communicating with attendees.

Pre-Retreat Assignment Materials: 

The Christian Legacy Organizer and the 30-Day Spending Tracker.

Retreat Session Materials: 

Manuscripts and PowerPoint Presentations for leading each retreat session.

Training Webinar: 

A pre-recorded webinar called, "How to Host a True North Retreat."

Additional Resources: 

Links to videos for use in the retreat and to additional helpful materials.