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Roman Pillars

Resources for financial
literacy, management, and well-being

A Financial Literacy, Management & Well-Being Resource

The COMPASS Academy resources inform and empower ministers in biblical financial leadership, stewardship, and well-being. Resources are organized into six categories. Each category has several sub-topics. 

Click on category titles for the full list of resources.

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Personal Budgeting and Debt Management

  • Money Canvas - Thrivent
    Free online coaching on basic day to day financial matters (3 hours). Disponible en Español.

Retirement Readiness

Training for Biblical Stewardship

Communicating Finances as a Leader

Local Church Finances

Financial Glossary

  • Audit
    An independent examination of an organization’s records and accounts to make sure that they show a fair, accurate and legal reflection of the financial position of the company at the accounting date. Audits can be either internal or external.