Two Online Courses for Financial Health

The COMPASS Quest offers two 6-month online courses to improve the financial health of pastors and their churches. In partnership with the National Association of Evangelicals and funding from Lilly Endowment, Inc., both online courses are offered free of charge. 

Personal Finances Course

This free 6-month online course was specifically created for pastors and spouses to do together, but any interested church staff, leaders, or members will benefit from this training and are welcome to enroll. The six monthly sessions (90 minutes each) are designed to be done at home on your own schedule. When you register for this free course, you will receive a monthly eNewsleter with a link to the monthly online lessons, additional resources, and a link to a free monthly video coaching session.

Upon completion of the Personal Finances course qualifying pastors and full-time associate pastors may receive a matching grant of up to $1,000 for debt reduction or a retirement contribution.

Church Generosity Course 

This free 6-month online course is designed for a pastor and a group of lay leaders (3 or more) to view a short video during regularly scheduled committee meetings, followed by discussion. The six monthly sessions will take 20-45 minutes to complete depending upon the amount of discussion each month. This biblical training will help you and your key leaders determine the best ways to improve the generosity and financial health of the people in your church.

Personal Finances Course

  • Learn from Christian financial experts

  • Increase your income sources

  • Track and decrease expenses

  • Pay off debts

  • Increase savings

  • Energize your giving

  • Set financial goals

  • Find affordable health care

  • Evaluate your insurance needs

  • Better prepare for retirement

  • Experience more of God's provisions

  • Improve your financial health



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Church Generosity Course

You and your leadership team will learn and discuss:

  • 10 ways people are influenced to live generously
  • 7 keys to joyful giving
  • 5 ways any church can grow givers and giving

Learn how and why to effectively use the following:

  • Generosity devotional
  • Bless Your Pastor brochure
  • Bless Your Church legacy brochure
  • 12-month planning calendar



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