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Clasped Hands
Donate to the MEF Today

Free Nazarene ministers from bondage to overwhelming educational debt.
Assist Nazarene ministers in reducing debilitating personal debt.
Enable Nazarene ministers to prepare for retirement.

Empower Nazarene ministers to follow God's call anywhere.

giving level 1
Level One Giving

A one-time gift to the MEF of any amount, whether $50 or $50,000 your gift will help our pastors free themselves from financial bondage.

giving level 2
Level Two Giving

A monthly gift to the MEF of any amount will ensure the MEF will continue to grow and help more pastors in the future.

giving level 3
Level Three Giving

A sustaining gift to the MEF of more than $50,000 will secure future funding for our Nazarene pastors.