Budgeting for Beginners

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

NAE Financial Health

  • A tool for utilizing NAE's Financial Health resources
  • Some of the best free and online resources to help improve your household's financial health.
  • A 5-minute Self-Assessment Checkup: Find out your financial health score and the areas where you can improve. Available in Spanish, French, Portuguese, Korean and more.


Fidelity Resources

  • Fidelity's short videos on many financial topics related to retirement
  • Online tools for comparing repayment options for your student loans using your own data


Bank of America/Khan Academy

  • Videos, infographics, articles on credit, debt, saving & budgeting, retirement, and much more

Introductory Courses for Personal Finances

Software and Apps

  • $40 Software for your PC ($75 for MAC) with online resources that allow you to create a budget, track your income and spending, and manage loans - will even link to your bank
  • Create a budget & track spending from your computer, iPhone or Android device, to knock out debt, build wealth, and start living
  • A free app that helps you manage your finances with budgeting and expense tracking. Mint links to your bank and credit card accounts so you see exactly what is happening with your money.